Comics in the News

Comic Book Literacy…the Movie

This is the trailer for the documentary film “Comic Book Literacy” which showcases the use of comic books to promote literacy and education.



Comic Books In The Classroom

Remember when comic books were the kind of reading material that you hid from your parents and teachers? Well, no more. The Early Show‘s Thalia Assuras reports on a new teaching trend.


The benefits of comic books in the classroom

According to new research comic books and graphic novels have untapped potential to improve literacy of young men. The introduction of comics into regular curriculum has, in some cases, led to students discussing books in the classroom for the first time. CTV News anchor Marni Kuhlmann speaks with Jay Bardyla, owner of Happy Harbour Comics in Edmonton and Stacy Keeler, Teacher at Lamont High School.


The Comic Book Project: Mike Mosher & Janice Wolff

In this anthology, which our students have decided to call DUE YESTERDAY Comics, Professors Mike Mosher and Janice Wolff have designed a collaborative project that brought students from English and Art together to create comics.

The process is useful beyond the classroom, as SVSU Art and English students worked together to write and illustrate their stories. Such engagement benefits them as they prepare for the workplace; the project deepens their visual literacy, and will increase their abilities to transfer skills from one academic discipline to another. This collaborative Art and English project fills a gap in students’ academic experiences, for no student club or organization provides this kind of experience. Students built skills appropriate to the workplace, working to meet professional deadlines, developing and carrying a project through, which culminated in a product suitable to their employment portfolios.

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